At Unity Games our goal is to connect high quality games with passionate gamers. Our in house expertise and extensive industry contacts allow us to aid developers in four key areas:

Elevating Developers: As a part of Unity, our goal is to elevate the status and success of Unity developers. Our collaborative approach aims to place the developer at the heart of the publishing and marketing process and by doing so raise the profile of your studio, your games and your potential to achieve financial success.

Financing: Creating great games means freedom from financial worries. Unity Games offers funding for your titles, allowing you to focus on creating high quality content. This investment in Unity developers sustains and strengthens the vibrant Unity development scene.

Marketing, PR & Distribution: Our excellent relationships with every major platform holder will help you overcome the discoverability challenges frustrating all developers. And with each member of the Unity Games team having an average of over 10 years games industry experience we can offer expert advice on Branding, Marketing, Social Media and PR.

Monetization and User Acquisition: We take a game by game approach to everything. Different monetization schemes are appropriate to different games on different platforms in different countries. We look broadly at your game and our monetization consultants work closely with your team to come up with the best strategy for your game. We also have experts who will drive traffic to your game through in game and other channels.

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