Developed By

Black Tower Studios

Archangel is a special breed of game. Maybe comparable to a Diablo of the modern world”

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New Update available! The awesome teleport ability is now available from level 2 onwards. And we’ve also slashed the price of Archangel to $1.99 to mark this new update. Download now on iOS and Android.


  • Embody the Angel of justice and retribution - a celestial being of certain conviction driven by moral absolutes.
  • A unique touch control system allows you to inflict swift and unrelenting attacks and those foolish enough to defy you.
  • Crush, freeze, pound, cut, immolate and even resurrect fallen foes to fight against their fellow sinners.
  • 30 levels of intense, martial and spell-casting action.
  • Wager hard-earned spoils at the end of each level for even more treasure—or risk losing it all.